Castlewood Photo Club


Today we have the show and presentation of the publication “Through the lens” of Castlewood Photo Club at the Queens Museum of Art. This was a refreshing residency with a diverse group of 3rd graders that surprised me with their analytic approach and imagination. We explore the surroundings with the camera and they also took it home to look under the bed.


Under my sister bed by Amanda.

As always I learned a lot from the participants what remains is their intensity about the present moment and that they always take a picture with a smile.

Through the Lens presents a selection of images from the 2013 PS 186 Castlewood / Queens Museum Cultural After School Adventures Photography Program. It was designed to give students the opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of community through the language of photography.  The eighteen third graders in the class were given digital cameras to use throughout the duration of the program.  Assignments were aimed at building students’ artistic vocabulary as they explored different ways in which to communicate their visual encounters with the world.  From working in the classroom, to documenting moments in their own households, to taking expeditions throughout the immediate vicinity of the school, participants uncovered the different happenings that they found as they looked to develop a better understanding of where they live.


Artist Sol Aramendi from the Queens Museum of Art instructed the program with Liz Cageao Art teacher at PS186. Sol is the founder of Project Luz, a photography program for empowering communities. She believes in using art as a tool to connect people and communities.


Every week we printed a picture and journal about it.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Special thanks to New York City Council Member Mark Weprin.


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