Chelsea Memory Project.

Chelsea Memory Project

Fulton Senior Center

November 2nd-30th

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In partnership with The Highline, Project Luz led a 9 session photography workshop at the Fulton Senior Center. Long time senior Chelsea residents from Puerto Rico came together to share their family photos, stories and memories of Chelsea.

Digna, Maria Isabel, Arturo, Mery, Tita and Edith brought old family photos and engaged in conversations with each other. Participants were presented with old photos of iconic locations of the old Meatpacking District, and reflected on how much Chelsea has changed in the past years. Many of them were witness of those changes growing up.

Together, we went to a trip around the neighborhood at The Highline. For most, it was their first time visiting The Highline, only a few blocks away from them. They also practiced their photography skills by taking portraits of each other.

Community Engagement

In these past sessions, participants build a small community while sharing their recollection of their lives in the old Chelsea, bringing their personal family photos and creating new ones.

From this work, a public photo exhibition will be shown at the Holiday Concert at Leandra’s Garden in the Back Park at the Fulton Houses on December 12th at 2pm. Residents will be invited to engage with the exhibition and contribute their own stories and experiences to the project.

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