El Workers’ Studio at BRIC House

On April 17th, we hosted the Workers’ Studio Family Day at BRIC House. On this day, labor workers and leaders from many community organizations came together to occupy the gallery space to share their experiences in the process of making the Jornalero app, while spreading the word about their campaign fighting wage theft.

Families who attended the event participated in different art engagement opportunities throughout the day. We set up a mini Workers’ Studio area for families and children, where they could paint over doors and wood using construction equipment. Participants also made posters using letter stencils and non-toxic spray paint with messages in support of workers’ rights. We also set up a photobooth with construction site theme and a live performance of Son Pecadores, a veracruz dance and music group.

This moment also served to inform people about their rights as workers and to connect them to services from the Mayor’s Office, such as ID NYC and Action NYC legal services.

This event was co-sponsored by organizations that have been contributed to the work and the dissemination of the app at different capacities, such as National Day Laborers Organizing Network, Don Bosco, Cornell’s Worker Institute, NICE and National Domestic Workers Alliance.

El Workers Studio at Bric photos by Hector Moreno
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