Talleres de Fotografía, Iluminación y Video Sept-Oct 2019

Muchas gracias por su interés en Project Luz y los talleres de fotografía y video. Nuestros talleres son una vez por semana, 2 horas y duran 2 meses.
Lo que se recomienda es tomar primero el taller Básico, luego el Avanzado, y luego Iluminación. Todos, en cualquier nivel pueden tomar los talleres de un día y pueden unirse a las salidas.
Pasen a inscribirse a buscar info, saludar
Mire el mapa de cómo llegar.

Foto Básica
Martes 6-8 pm
Comienza Septiembre 3

Foto Básica
Sábados 12-2 pm
Comienza Septiembre 8

Taller de Video Básico
Lunes de 6-8 pm
Comienza Sept 16 

Práctica Iluminación de Estudio
Miércoles 6 – 8:00 pm
Comienza Octubre 2
Las clases son en el estudio de Project Luz 
Tren 7, E, M, G a Court Sq. Tren F a 21st Queensbridge

$200 el curso completo de 2 meses
Inscribirse a
txt 9172095692

Para las clases debes traer un cuaderno y cámara. Si no tiene durante la clase le puedo prestar una, pero va a necesitar una para hacer la tarea. Si piensa en comprar, en la primer clase hablamos de ello.
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Nuevos Talleres Básicos Intensivos Junio 2017

Talleres de fotografía en Español

Project Luz invita a el comienzo de sus talleres intensivos de verano de Fotografía Digital, en su estudio en Long Island City, los talleres están especialmente diseñados para la comunidad Latina. La maestra Sol Aramendi tiene 12 años de experiencia enseñando a la comunidad como usar la cámara y contar sus historias. Los talleres incluyen visitas a los museos y salidas fotográficas. Para principiantes se recomienda la clase de Fotografía Básica Digital para los cuales no se necesitan conocimientos previos.

Photo 1 Básico Intensivo: 

Comienza Sábado 3

SABADOS de 10 a 12.30

Photo 1 Básico Intensivo:

Comienza lunes 6

LUNES de 6:00 a 8:30 pm

Cupos limitados, traer cámara y cuaderno. Costo total: $150 

Para más información:

Email: infoprojectluz@gmail.com

Llamar al 917 209 5692 

Project Luz

11-27 44 Road (entre 21 y 11 street)

Tren E, R, 7, G a Court Sq

Long Island City


El Workers’ Studio at BRIC House

On April 17th, we hosted the Workers’ Studio Family Day at BRIC House. On this day, labor workers and leaders from many community organizations came together to occupy the gallery space to share their experiences in the process of making the Jornalero app, while spreading the word about their campaign fighting wage theft.

Families who attended the event participated in different art engagement opportunities throughout the day. We set up a mini Workers’ Studio area for families and children, where they could paint over doors and wood using construction equipment. Participants also made posters using letter stencils and non-toxic spray paint with messages in support of workers’ rights. We also set up a photobooth with construction site theme and a live performance of Son Pecadores, a veracruz dance and music group.

This moment also served to inform people about their rights as workers and to connect them to services from the Mayor’s Office, such as ID NYC and Action NYC legal services.

This event was co-sponsored by organizations that have been contributed to the work and the dissemination of the app at different capacities, such as National Day Laborers Organizing Network, Don Bosco, Cornell’s Worker Institute, NICE and National Domestic Workers Alliance.

El Workers Studio at Bric photos by Hector Moreno



Clases nuevas de Project Luz en el 2016

En el nuevo año, Project luz comienza sus nuevos talleres de fotografía en español. Los talleres están diseñados para la comunidad inmigrante. Son los fines de semana o por las noches. No se necesitan conocimientos previos.

Ofrecemos las siguientes clases en Febrero:

Básico Foto 1 – Sábados de 10am a 12pm

Avanzado Foto 2 – Sábados de 12 a 2pm

Iluminación – Un seminario por mes

Lightroom – Miércoles 7 a 9 pm (Empiezan el 2 de Marzo hasta Abril)

Para más información:

Escribir a infoprojectluz@gmail.com

Mandar un mensaje de texto a 917 209 5692

Dónde: Estudio de Project Luz, 11-27 44th Road, LIC, NY 11101 (Coger el tren 7, E, R a la estación de Court Sq.)


Comienzan los Talleres de Fotografía en español.

Taller de Básico e Iluminación

Project Luz Clases de verano by Sol Aramendi


Taller Básico de Fotografía Digital 

Sábados de 10:00 a 12:00 pm – $100 por mes – duración: 2 meses

Comienza Octubre 11 hasta Diciembre 6 (2 meses)

Este taller es para aprender los conocimientos básicos de fotografía digital, se puede utilizar cualquier cámara, no hacen falta conocimientos previos. Es ideal para principiantes, o quienes acaban de comprar una nueva cámara. Incluye salidas a museos y práctica.

Taller de Iluminación Básica y de Estudio

Sábados de 12:00 a 2:00 pm – $100 por mes – duración: 2 meses

Comienza Octubre 11 hasta Diciembre 6 (2 meses)

Este taller es para los que hayan cursado el taller básico, quieran adquirir un conocimiento más avanzado sobre la iluminación, flash externo y luces de estudio. Incluye salidas a museos y práctica. Es preferible tener una camara reflex.

Flushing Meadow Park – Queens Museum – Studio #9

Inscripción: infoprojectluz@gmail.com

Autoretrato por Veronica Ramirez

Autoretrato por Veronica Ramirez

Diseñe su propia pagina web 

en español

maestra: Arianys Wilson

Project Luz LICDSCF5665

Todos los miércoles de  Junio y Julio –  7:00 – 9:00 pm

Quiere mejorar su presencia en la web?

Para los interesados en hacer su propia pagina web usando las herramientas gratuitas de la internet. Esta es su oportunidad de aprender de una manera simple, rápida  y practica como manejar, diseñar y componer una pagina web. Cada alumnos hará su propio proyecto. En este taller de dos meses Arianys los guiará paso a paso y terminaran el taller con su página terminada.

Traer laptop con batería cargada. Cupos limitados.

Comienza miércoles 5 de junio.

Inscribirse a infoprojectluz@gmail.com


St Mary’s Hospital New Building

With the teens and pre teens clients of the hospital in a Photography and DJ workshop we created last summer the artwork for the new building.

St Marys Installation St Marys hallways 1 IMG_1054 IMG_0198 IMG_1042 IMG_1057

Diversity Residency, Inspired by the flags of Sara Rahbar

With 4 6 th grader classes, we talk about the word melting pot and the history of immigration of Queens, NY.  What do they missed from their countries, what do they like from America. We look at the work of Sara Rahbar at the Queens Museum. ANd try to think as an artist how they express themselves with materials. Each class created a Diversity American Flag.

Emdb-18 Emdb-19 Emdb-16 Emdb-20 Emdb-17

Remonstrance Residency

In the anniversary of the Remonstrance we explore with 4, 5th grader classes the freedom of religion. We visit the Quakers House in Flushing, Ganesh Temple, a synagogue and a Muslim Temple. We compare some aspects of religions, participants while learning photography and composition brought their personal religious objects and compose pictures. We had a final photo show.

IMG_2377Emdb-13 Emdb-49

Architecture Residency

The 4 classes participants, 5th graders,  learn about Architecture, first by observing with cameras the community around the school. Then how the architects works, make their floor plans. Choose their materials, each one designed their ideal home. We use printmaking for the facades. The visit the Panorama of New York, they made their own houses and created a city.

Emdb-53 Emdb-54 Emdb-52 Emdb-4

Propaganda Residency & Peace sign t-shirt design

Living Legacy Project with El Museo del Barrio with Building Bridges High School

In the Social Studies class we learn about Propaganda looking at old War posters, then we look at Benetton advertisements then we analyze the Army flyer targeting Latino youth and created a Day of the dead Altar for the people who died on the battlefield. We also create prints with positive messages about race and gender. Later the students design a Peace sign and we print T-shirts.


316040057_e86fb82618 316040060_38a9cedd56_o

Chelsea Memory Project.

Chelsea Memory Project

Fulton Senior Center

November 2nd-30th

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In partnership with The Highline, Project Luz led a 9 session photography workshop at the Fulton Senior Center. Long time senior Chelsea residents from Puerto Rico came together to share their family photos, stories and memories of Chelsea.

Digna, Maria Isabel, Arturo, Mery, Tita and Edith brought old family photos and engaged in conversations with each other. Participants were presented with old photos of iconic locations of the old Meatpacking District, and reflected on how much Chelsea has changed in the past years. Many of them were witness of those changes growing up.

Together, we went to a trip around the neighborhood at The Highline. For most, it was their first time visiting The Highline, only a few blocks away from them. They also practiced their photography skills by taking portraits of each other.

Community Engagement

In these past sessions, participants build a small community while sharing their recollection of their lives in the old Chelsea, bringing their personal family photos and creating new ones.

From this work, a public photo exhibition will be shown at the Holiday Concert at Leandra’s Garden in the Back Park at the Fulton Houses on December 12th at 2pm. Residents will be invited to engage with the exhibition and contribute their own stories and experiences to the project.

El Party de Project Luz

El Party de Project Luz

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

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To celebrate our great accomplishments of the year and to welcome the new year at our new location, all the Project Luz community came together for a fun night full of dancing, great food and good company! We celebrated the culmination of the art classes with an exhibition of participants work and the newest Project Luz publication. Children and adults danced all night thanks to the great music of DJ Zonico-Peru and Sonidero. The participants created a Photo Booth and a camera piñata to add to the fun. We also enjoyed a delicious  cake and sweets by one of our students, Gaby Clau.

Thank you to everyone who helped in this event, and all of of you who came out! Looking forward for another successful year in 2016!

Photos by Neshi Galindo

Seeing Wright

Seeing Wright

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Saturday November 14th

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American Masters and Project Luz conducted a photography workshop inspired in the work of Mexican American artist Pedro E. Guerrero, the chief photographer for Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect of the Guggenheim museum in New York City. The workshop was facilitated by artist Sol Aramendi. Participants learned about the basics of photography while engaging at different levels, sharing memories about their favorite family photos with each other, sketching and learning about Guerrero’s photography.

The class also got to see the current exhibition Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting and made sketches of the different light and shadows of the unique spiral shape of the museum, using their art notebooks specially designed for this occasion by the artist. For many of the them, it was their first time visiting the museum and were very amazed by the beautiful architecture.

Taking advantage of the perfect daylight and using the photography skills they learned, participants went outside to take pictures of the building, the people and nature. They also spent some time studying lights and shadows using foam 3D shapes and different kinds of LED lights. Before closing, the class created a collage together showcasing the photographs they just took and sharing personal reflections about they learned and experienced.

Everyone enjoyed learning and relating to each other through photography. Here are some of the participants’s  comments:

It was a pleasure to be part of this opportunity and to learn so much!!! I loved it!!!

Thank you Sol for the opportunity to continue learning about painting with light

This special presentation of American Masters and VOCES has been provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding for American Masters is provided by Rosalind P. Walter, The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, Judith and Burton Resnick, The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation, Vital Projects Fund, Michael & Helen Schaffer Foundation, and The André and Elizabeth Kertész Foundation. Additional support for VOCES is provided by the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures. Additional funding for Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey is provided by Berkeley Film Foundation, Castellano Family Foundation, Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown, and Mike and Ginny Lester. VOCES is presented by PBS SoCaL.