St Mary’s Hospital New Building

With the teens and pre teens clients of the hospital in a Photography and DJ workshop we created last summer the artwork for the new building.

St Marys Installation St Marys hallways 1 IMG_1054 IMG_0198 IMG_1042 IMG_1057

Diversity Residency, Inspired by the flags of Sara Rahbar

With 4 6 th grader classes, we talk about the word melting pot and the history of immigration of Queens, NY.  What do they missed from their countries, what do they like from America. We look at the work of Sara Rahbar at the Queens Museum. ANd try to think as an artist how they express themselves with materials. Each class created a Diversity American Flag.

Emdb-18 Emdb-19 Emdb-16 Emdb-20 Emdb-17

Remonstrance Residency

In the anniversary of the Remonstrance we explore with 4, 5th grader classes the freedom of religion. We visit the Quakers House in Flushing, Ganesh Temple, a synagogue and a Muslim Temple. We compare some aspects of religions, participants while learning photography and composition brought their personal religious objects and compose pictures. We had a final photo show.

IMG_2377Emdb-13 Emdb-49

Architecture Residency

The 4 classes participants, 5th graders,  learn about Architecture, first by observing with cameras the community around the school. Then how the architects works, make their floor plans. Choose their materials, each one designed their ideal home. We use printmaking for the facades. The visit the Panorama of New York, they made their own houses and created a city.

Emdb-53 Emdb-54 Emdb-52 Emdb-4

Propaganda Residency & Peace sign t-shirt design

Living Legacy Project with El Museo del Barrio with Building Bridges High School

In the Social Studies class we learn about Propaganda looking at old War posters, then we look at Benetton advertisements then we analyze the Army flyer targeting Latino youth and created a Day of the dead Altar for the people who died on the battlefield. We also create prints with positive messages about race and gender. Later the students design a Peace sign and we print T-shirts.


316040057_e86fb82618 316040060_38a9cedd56_o

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